Call Whisper

Remind your customers of the value of your service with every phone call they receive by showing them where the calls are coming from.
The Call Whisper service allows you to track the calls your customers receive through your services. This allows you to show them your worth, build trust and strengthen your brand.

Dedicated numbers

The ProxyNumber service allows you to assign a specific number to each customer. In this way, it is possible to track calls by generating information on the outcome, duration, caller number and to perform analysis and measurement of performance.

Dynamic numbers

When a prospect visits your site, they are assigned a ProxyNumber number. ProxyNumber numbers are dynamically exchanged on your website with each session, so that each visitor is assigned a unique dynamic number. This feature allows the tracing of calls and the generation of statistical data.

Analysis panel

The ProxyNumber dashboard generates advanced analytic data on calls.
In this way it is possible to constantly improve the offer and allow your customers to measure the performance of the service.

Origin and interests

Knowing which product or service a calling customer is interested in can be crucial in choosing the right approach and concluding a deal.
The service allows your customer to get information about the visitor and the product / service of interest even before replying.

API integration

Medium-sized companies use CRM and other cloud systems for their daily activities.
The APIs allow you to integrate ProxyNumber services without having to upset already tested processes and operating methods. All data generated by call monitoring can be integrated into existing systems, simplifying work and ensuring maximum operational efficiency of the staff.

Active engagement

Do not miss the opportunity to ask for an evaluation of the service on the phone call just ended and give feedback to your customer.

Conversational AI

Received telephone calls are transcribed and archived, just like with e-mails and text messages.
With the tools offered by artificial intelligence, it is possible to analyze the data generated by the calls and exploit them to improve the service and increase leads. For example, you can search for conversations based on specific criteria such as phrases or keywords.

Custom modules

Each individual company is organized in a different way and requires specific data. With our custom forms, the ProxyNumber platform adapts to the needs of each company.

Web connect

Adding a snippet to your website allows you to know the exact page from which the call came.
It has never been easier to assign the exact product or service that the potential customer is viewing to the phone call and request an immediate feedback / review / action at the end of the conversation.

Machine learning

Allow your customers to receive contacts and reservations even in their absence.
Thanks to machine learning we are able to answer phone calls asking for useful information based on category models (restaurants, hotels, farmhouses, real estate agencies, etc.) or tailor-made for you. We reserve tables, take away orders, rooms and much more.

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