Machine Learning
Thanks to advanced technologies based on machine learning , the ProxyNumber auto responder is able to ask questions and receive the interlocutor’s answers, so that they can be reported to the operator later and / or processed for a specific service.
Application examples are:
  • automatic bookings without an operator. For example, to reserve a table in a restaurant, the autoresponder could consult the available dates in a database, propose different options to the user and, in case of confirmation, save the reservation so that it is not proposed on the next call, but managed by the restaurant staff.
  • Collection of re-contact information following an unanswered call. Situations in which the service fits perfectly are those of the real estate agent or car dealer, who, for reasons of operation and customer management, are not always at the desk. In these cases, an intelligent auto responder could ask for information from the interlocutor so that he can be contacted as soon as possible.
  • Voice telephone evaluation request , then converted into structured data stored in a database and searchable. At the end of the call, it is possible to request a numerical evaluation by pressing the telephone keys, or a vocal message that would be received by the computer and converted into data for subsequent statistical evaluations.
In all these cases, machine learning models are used that are able to understand the human voice and make choices based on the answers collected. It is an advanced technology, very efficient and versatile, which offers the solution to typical problems of telephone contact.

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