Call Whisper
How does it work
Call Whisper is a pre-recorded message, played back to the recipient of a call made via ProxyNumber .
A typical example of use is a generalist portal that publishes lists of commercial activities. Every time a user makes a phone call to the activity sought through the portal, Call Whisper reminds the manager that the contact originated from the portal, giving certain proof of the origin and value of the service offered by it.
Key features of Call Whisper are:
  • increase in the perception of the value of the service and of the brand by the customer, thanks to the constant (but not intrusive) mnemonic reminder made through the pre-recorded message;
  • certainty of the origin of the call and reliable proof of the value brought to the customer thanks to the contact generated;
  • no impact on the caller experience, for which the pre-recorded message is transparent during the ring.
Use cases
In addition to the natural use mentioned above for generalist directories, Call Whisper lends itself well to use on vertical booking portals and in the real estate and automotive , for which it is possible to insert in the message the identification and other information relating to the announcement for which the user is calling.
Activation of the service
Activation is immediate upon request; it is possible to provide a recording or generate a message using text-to-speech technology, converting a text into an audio file to be reproduced.

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