Analysis Panel
Thanks to ProxyNumber , it is possible to trace all incoming and outgoing calls to obtain important statistics on:
  • calls outcome
  • duration
  • origin
  • hours
  • service level
Tracking of this data is possible without the need for software or equipment at customer sites. In fact, it is sufficient that a ProxyNumber is assigned and from that moment all the necessary values are collected by our services and presented in the analysis panel. Calls first pass through our switchboards and then are sent to the numbers indicated by the customer. This means that, in a completely transparent way, it is possible to collect the tracking data.
The analysis panel contains all the aggregated data and details of the individual calls, so that it is possible to have a complete picture of incoming and outgoing calls. This allows us to accurately measure the performance of the channels and advertising campaigns in which we are using the associated “proxy” number. The analysis panel is customizable on request.

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