Automotive portal
Find out the use case and try the service
Use case: “I’m looking for a car” vertical portal that lists cars from various dealerships.
User experience: the visitor searches for the car that suits him on the “search for car” portal and finds one he is interested in. He opens the card and decides to contact the dealer by clicking on the Call button.
Results: the dealer receives the call and, before he is put in contact with his potential customer, a voice reminds him that he receives the call (and therefore the lead) thanks to the “car search” portal.
In this way, the “car search” portal strengthens its identity and provides concrete and measurable proof of the performance of its service. In addition, the dealer is already aware of the car the visitor is interested in, and thus improves the visitor’s user experience by being ready and aware of the interlocutor’s interests. All data relating to the call (duration, outcome, origin, etc.) are saved and can be consulted in the statistics panel.
In this demo, we also present other features such as the request for evaluation of the service at the end of the call and the use of artificial intelligence in the event of no response from the dealer: a bot asks questions to the interlocutor to obtain useful information for re-contact and do not miss the opportunity.

Try the service now

  • In this demo, by clicking on the “Receive” button, you will listen to the audio that will be played to the dealer;
  • by clicking on “Call”, you will hear the audio that will be played to the visitor of the “I am looking for a car” site and, at the end of the call, you will be presented with an example of a service evaluation form.