Active Engagement
Thanks to the intermediation of the call through ProxyNumber, it is possible to engage the caller to obtain valuable evaluations on the service offered and to make strategic choices based on the resulting data. Concrete examples of possible implementations are:
  • request for evaluation of the service at the end of the call, directly by telephone: “How do you evaluate the service offered by the operator? Press a number from 1 to 5 on the keypad of your telephone to indicate your evaluation, where 5 indicates that you are fully satisfied.”;
  • if the call originated from a web page (thanks to the WebRTC technology provided by ProxyNumber), it is possible to display an evaluation form like the one proposed on the right.
All the information collected is stored so that statistical extractions and aggregations can be made useful for decision-making processes.
In addition to the service evaluation requests, it is possible to actively involve the user thanks to the intelligent ProxyNumber autoresponder, based on machine learning technology, able to ask questions and understand the interlocutor’s answers.
Application examples are:
  • automatic bookings without operator;
  • collection of re-contact information following an unanswered call;
  • request for voice telephone evaluation, then converted into structured data stored in a database and searchable.

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