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Turn every call into an opportunity

1. Tell your customers where the contact came from and strengthen the value of your service and your advertising channel.

2. Get information on the outcome of calls.

3. Involve the audience to collect feedback.

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Call Whisper

Remind to your customers about the value of your service with every phone call they receive by showing them where the calls are coming from.

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Active engagement

Do not miss the opportunity to ask for an evaluation of the service on the phone call just ended and give feedback to your customer.

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Call tracking and analysis

Give your customers the ability to spot trends in advance with robust call performance insights.

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We help advertising portals to track and monitor the leads generated by telephone contact from their web pages.

Strengthen the value of your brand
Communicate precisely which advertising channel the contact is coming from. Show all your customers the potential of the service and the ability to generate leads.
Technology tailored to your needs

Take advantage of the potential offered by the API and custom modules of ProxyNumber to achieve 100% integration with company processes and IT systems.

Machine learning to support the customer

Don’t let your customer miss a single sales opportunity. Allow them to receive contacts and reservations even in their absence thanks to the precise support of machine learning models developed and designed for any type of phone call.

Key features of the ProxyNumber service

Call Whisper
Ricorda ai tuoi clienti il valore del tuo servizio ad ogni chiamata.

Dedicated numbers
Dedica ad ogni tuo cliente un numero personalizzato e genera dati sulle chiamate.

Web Connect
Receive calls from the web and view the service or product that generated the contact.

API integration
Integrate the ProxyNumber services into the software already present in the company.

Analysis panel
Analyze data in real time and constantly improve the service offered to your customers.

Call recording and transcription
Record and transcribe incoming calls generating valuable data for future analysis and research.

Call rules
Create more or less structured rules for handling incoming calls.

Calls research
Search through received calls and generate valuable data.

Send e-mail and SMS alerts to improve the service offered and the trust of your customers.

Custom modules
Generate custom modules and tailor your services to the specific needs of each company

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